Global Leadership Research Labs – 2022 Webinars

Leading Multinational Teams at the Crossroads of Standardization and Localization

The decision to standardize or to localize managerial practices is a continuous dilemma for international managers. From the perspective of a Korean multinational corporation, Valentin Janiaut (Team Leader & Technical Account Manager, LG Electronics) will share his experiences about the challenges of managing stakeholder demands at the crossroads of standardization and localization in the European and Asian cultural context.  

  • Date/Time: March 28th 2022, 12 pm ~ 1 pm (EDT in NYC, USA) 6 pm ~ 7 pm (CEST in Paris, France)
  • Location:  Kedge Business School Paris Campus Room 6 (40 Av. des Terroirs de France, 75012 Paris France) // Synchronous online via MS Teams
  • Organizers:  Cuiling Jiang, Ph.D., Kedge Business School, France, cuiling.jiang@kedgebs.com, Sven Horak, St. John’s University, NY, USA, & Jong Gyu Park, Ph.D., Penn State Altoona, PA, USA
  • Registration: Please fill in the form below. A link to join the event via MS Teams will be provided by March 25th, 2022.  Registration is free.

Please contact Cuiling Jiang (cuiling.jiang@kedgebs.com) if you have any enquiries.


Valentin Janiaut
Team Leader & Technical Account Manager, LG Electronics, Korea

Valentin is a technologist who has spent the last decade trying to understand how things work. He has been working for the automotive division of LG electronics, building in-vehicle infotainment systems used daily in millions of vehicles. As one of very few European engineers working at the LG HQ in Korea, he has been building bridges between teams and cultures to drive innovation in the digital cockpits of today and tomorrow. He has masters degrees in: “Engineering in Computer Science” from the University of Technology Belfort-Montbeliard and “Management” from the London School of Economics.