GLR labs’ mission is to create and disseminate insight and knowledge concerning leadership in a global context to inspire and empower communities and individuals to make better informed decisions for their organizations and in their professional and personal life alike.

Making responsible decisions in a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) world has never been more challenging. Disruptive advancements in technology, dynamically evolving societal changes and an ever-increasing interconnectedness of people around the globe by simultaneously lesser economic dependence between nation states bear risks for individuals and organizations to fall behind but also creates opportunities to shape the future.

On the grounds of fact-based research, dialogue and networking, GLR labs strives to provide opportunities to inspire and empower individuals and organizations to be better equipped to lead changes and shape the future, especially in a proactive process. GLR labs realizes this through research, publication, organizing educational events, and by providing an inclusive and diverse platform to network and exchange information, knowledge, ideas, and insights.